Refunds And Reschedules

Quality Thoughts reserves all the rights to cancel/postpone a training program, change the location or schedule timing of the training program due to insufficient enrollments, trainer illness or any other unforeseen event. In the event of Quality Thoughts cancelling the training program, 100% refund will be done to the student. If the cancellation is done by the student more than 1 week prior the training
program then 10% of the fee will be deduced and the remaining will be refunded. If the cancellation is done by the student, less than a week before the start of the training program, or after the training program has formally started, no money will be refunded.

Rescheduling of training programs can be done by students as well as by Quality Thoughts. In the event of a reschedule of a training program by Quality Thoughts due to some unexpected reason like change of location or change of instructor, the student has all rights to reject the offer and collect the refund. If the student is requesting for a reschedule due to some other engagement which is forcing the student for postponement of the program, he/she should inform the Quality Thoughts admin office about the same at least 3 days in advance. Students are allowed to attend the training by rescheduling with a given financial year only.



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