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Note: Read the Following Information Before Applying

Eligibility Criteria:

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Mode of Test:

The test will be objective type consisting of multiple answer choices with Negative marking for wrong answers.

Discounts for Qualified  Candidates Based on: Test performance.


We at Quality Thought provide placement assistance to the candidates in all possible ways.

To be efficient professionals and to be successful in the campus selections the students will have to work as per the regulations of the institute.

The following companies have been hiring from us: Sony R&D, Robert Bosch, Wipro, Philips, Continental Automotive, General Motors, Tech Mahindra, Delphi, Huawei Technologies, Siemens, Safran Engineering Services, LG Soft, Cavium Networks, Silicon Image, Teradata R&D, LnT Emsys, Alcatel-Lucent, Xilinx, Audience, NCR Corp, Mobis (Hyundai) R&D, Emerson, Sharp Software(SSDI), Moschip Semiconductor, Tata Power – SED, Hella India Automotives, Lear Corp, American Megatrends Inc, VVDN, Mahindra Comviva, E-Consystems, Mando….more to come.

The highest package so far has been 15.4 LPA.

Look out for further placement updates in the next few weeks, regarding other reputed companies hiring.